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On the morning of February 19, the Xinxiang Taigongshan Hospitalalso known as the "Xiaotangshan" Hospital in Xinxiang, which was built with the emergency assistance of the Bauing Group, was officially put into operation to receive and treat patients with severe cases of COVID-19, greatly enhancing the epidemic prevention and control capacity of Xinxiang.

As of 24:00 on 18 February, a total of 57 confirmed COVID-19 cases have been reported in Xinxiang (including 13 cases in Changyuan), with 33 confirmed cases remaining in treatment (including 11 cases in Changyuan). The battle to prevent and control the epidemic rages on, making additional beds for patients and the establishment of designated isolation wards an important initiative at the moment.

The isolation ward of Xinxiang Taigongshan Hospital, with a total area of about 2,500m2, has 28 isolation wards and 5 negative pressure wards. Up to present, the first batch of more than 40 medical staff and equipment have been put in place to provide the best experts and medical resources in the city to focus on treatment and maximize the treatment rate.

The work schedule is tight and the task is heavy. On February 2, upon receiving the notification of the renovation project of the COVID-19 ward in the east area of Xinxiang Central Hospital, Bauing Group immediately sets up an emergency task force and mobilizes 48 elite professionals from the Project Department to speedily assist in the construction of the "Xiaotangshan" Hospital in Xinxiang City.

The emergency mission is a challenge under the special circumstances of the severe situation of epidemic prevention and control and the suspension of work during the Chinese New Year holidays. In addition to overcoming various problems in terms of personnel, materials and equipment within an extremely tight time frame, the management team and construction staff also have to be well prepared for the epidemic.

To ensure that the Project can be completed on time and with high quality, the Project Department has formulated a construction progress plan, workforce entry plan, material demand plan, machinery and equipment entry plan and construction site epidemic prevention and control work plan, and has been working around the clock to overcome difficulties and promote the work in an orderly manner.

On February 12, after ten days of intensive efforts and with profound technical accumulation and the spirit of craftsmanship, Bauing has successfully completed the interior decoration works of Xinxiang Taigongshan Hospital, including wall decoration, ceiling installation and latex paint finish, ordinary doors of charge rooms, installation of lamps and sockets, skirting, charge counters and guide desks, and passed the acceptance inspection of related departments, and was successfully delivered the hospital ready for use.

Highly efficient construction is not possible without solid logistical support. The Project Department has strictly implemented various systems such as monitoring the body temperature of incoming personnel, controlling the number of occupants, issuing masks in batches, registering the disinfection of vehicles in and out, and disinfecting the construction area on a regular basis, thereby greatly strengthening the confidence and determination of all personnel to win the battle against epidemic prevention and control and the battle against project construction.

Though the epidemic has no mercy, humans have, so we just work together to overcome the crisis. In the face of the crisis, Bauing Group, with a high sense of responsibility and a determination to fulfill its mission, has completed the upgrading of the hospital with high quality and efficiency, contributing an important force to win the battle against epidemics. 

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