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It also selected the 2008 National Award for construction decoration (Olympic Works) 15 award-winning projects (of which types of public buildings decorated 13; public buildings 2 decorative design; two types of wall construction.) It is understood that National Award decorative works to establish and operate in accordance with the Ministry of Construction [2001] 38 of the General Office of the text and the Ministry of Construction 9 July, 2002 the spirit of the instructions approved by the China Building Decoration Association Award, this award as the Ministry of Construction approved the establishment of Chinese construction decoration, the highest honor awarded, since 2001 the annual award, in the community has had a dramatic impact, has been widely recognized by all sectors of the community.


Prior to the construction of our company,for example, Shenzhen Development Bank Guangzhou Branch, Yin Du Hotel (Xinjiang), the northern New high-tech park management servicing- building (Chongqing) and Well-being International Hotel   (Shenzhen ) has been awarded the 2005, respectively (two), 2006 and 2007 National Award construction decoration (decoration of public buildings category).


At the same time, the construction industry association in Guangdong Province is also selected a total of outstanding architectural features 72 works of the year 2008 in Guangdong Province, including the public 58 categories of architectural decoration, decoration design public buildings 4, 10 types of building walls. We built the Jingji Hotel, Shenzhen Overseas China Town East(OCTE)Yunhai Valley east of the Southern District and Jiangmen City Council Bus Terminal are awarded the Passenger Terminal Building of Guangdong Province Award for outstanding architectural works (decoration of public buildings category).

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