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Business System

As one of the most professional and qualified enterprises in China’s architectural decoration industry, Bauing Group provides the customers with comprehensive solutions for the design, construction and installation as well as construction management services, and also involves the smart city construction, industrial manufacturing and other services.

  • Architectural Design

    Every functional and meaning design is the summary from creative ideas to work fulfillment of Bauing designers. Bauing’s architectural designs include: urban design, site design, landscape design, building structure design, building physical design, construction equipment design, space planning and design, interior decoration design, art design, security design, parking management design, lightening design, logo design, etc.

  • Building Construction

    Bauing pursues the “spirit of the craftsman”. In the process of turning design drawings into physical objects, Bauing always insists on the principle of “safety first, quality first”, combined with the standardized production management mode of “industrialized production, standardized management and prefabricated construction”, to escort for Bauing Group’s practice of “boutique road”.

  • 020 E-commerce Platform Services

    525J” jointly operated by Bauing and Hongyang E-commerce invested in capital in 2014 is a leading online and offline combined type of e-commerce platform in China’s home decoration, building materials and home furnishing sectors. As a benchmarking website of Shanghai and Yangtze River Delta region, national high-tech enterprise, “China’s top ten home furnishing e-commerce”, “China’s annual brand” in CCTV, and “industry portal with the most brand value in China’s e-commerce”, “525J” ranked the highest 719 in Alexa, and was rated as the best home decoration website by the authoritative evaluation agency in China Internet. Furthermore, “525J” has an industry-leading advantage in platform flow, e-commerce operating capacity, offline experience center, etc.

Smart City

With the continuous development of information technology, the application level of urban informatization continues to improve, and the smart city construction emerges at the right moment. Smart city construction is also the objective requirement and the inevitable way of the diversification of the development mode of Bauing. Bauing actively closes up the high-tech industry. In 2016, Bauing became a shareholder of Innovaconn for developing new profit growth point, building a bridge for the traditional industries and emerging industries, and achieving industrial structure optimization and upgrading. With the continuous promotion and deep implementation of the national strategy of “One Belt and One Road”, Bauing Group’s smart city construction has been extended to Southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia and Central African countries such as Kazakhstan.
Affiliated companies have independent intellectual property rights of the “grid matrix code (GM code)” and “compact matrix code (CM code)”, complying with national electronics industry standards, international standards and national military standards of the People’s Republic of China, and provide the integrated solution services for the products and industries by using two-dimensional bar code technology as the core.
Affiliated companies have independently researched and developed the TD-LTE private network terminal products, such as private network PAD, police affair system, smart phone, CPE, DTU, individual soldier, etc., and the private network equipment for TD-LTE government and enterprise services, such as base station, EPC core network, multimedia scheduling platform, etc. Furthermore, they also provide technical services for a new generation of TD-LTE-based wireless broadband technology, cloud computing and Internet of Things.

Industrial Center

  • Bauing Curtain Walls, Doors and Windows

    Shenzhen Bauing Curtain Walls, Doors and Windows Co., Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary under Shenzhen Bauing Construction Holding Group Co., Ltd. There are 3 production workshops and 4-storey office buildings and living quarters, with a total construction area of about 30,000 square meters. The main business includes the design, production, installation and construction of aluminum alloy doors and windows, plastics-steel doors and windows and all kinds of curtain walls.

  • Shengong Wood Industry

    Huizhou Shengong Wood Industry Co., Ltd is committed to the professional development and sales of the splendid star hotel furniture and the furniture matching model furniture. The plate-type furniture is the main products, which is professionally used in auxiliary projects, such as five-star hotels, luxury clubs, villas, fine decoration houses, etc. The company has a full set of advanced and precise mechanical equipment imported from Italy, German, Japan and Taiwan, an experienced engineering design and production team, mature, exquisite and meticulous production process and modern standard workshops. In the design, the company focuses on the pursuit of art and practical principles as well as perfect combination of Chinese unique style, and has a good knowledge of the essence of fine decoration design.

Design Organization