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On December 8, 2018, , as invited by Bauing Group, Mario Capecchi, Winner of Nobel Prize in Medicine, Visits Bauing Class and Gives Lecture on “Gene Targeting in Development”. 

Mario Capecchi was born in 1937 and is an Italian American molecular geneticist. Due to his contribution to targeted genetic modification research, he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 2007. Presently, he is a Distinguished Professor of Human Genetics and Biology, University of Utah School of Medicine. 

▲ Gu Pu, Executive Vice President of Bauing Group, delivers a welcome speech

Gu Pu, Executive Vice President of Bauing Group, delivers a welcome speech He introduces that Academician Capecchi is a legend in the biological sciences. Born in 1937, he is already 81 years old this year. According to Chinese customs, it is the year to enjoy high prestige and command universal respect. All other guests are younger generations Capecchi. Therefore, Gu Pu suggests all stand up and bow to Capecchi for respect and esteem. Academician Capecchi is a pioneer and leader in the field of stem cell research. Stem cell is the “mother” of cells, and under the necessary conditions, stem cells can evolve into any organ of the body. This is consistent with Lao tze’s celebrated dictum of “From Tao there comes one. From one there comes two. From two there comes three. From three there comes all things”. The ancient thoughts of 3,000 years ago and the most advanced modern technologies bring out the best in each other. We look forward to the lectures of Academician Capecchi to share his insights of life, understandings of life quality as well as his legendary experience. 

In the lecture hall, Academician Capecchi shares the topic of “Genetic Gene Targeting Technology in Development” from three aspects: gene targeting definition, technical reason and application. He also raises examples of experiments on simulating stem cell embryos and the genetic control of mouse embryos to explain the development and research orientation of the increasingly developed gene targeting technology. 

Academician Capecchi said that human beings are composed of cells. There is a complete operating manual in each cell, which is true for all cells. The operating manuals in these cells are composed of four letters of ATGC.

Academician Capecchi points out that gene targeting technology enables a variety of disease models, such as tumor models, diabetes models and mental disease models. And this platform makes it easy to conduct operational research. In addition to researches on diseases, gene targeting techniques are also available for new things that are temporarily unsearchable or inconvenient to research. By systematically changing genes, humans can understand the mechanisms of themselves and the diseases and master more effective treatments. In addition, in the field of industrial production, biological characteristics may also be utilized to transfer important materials to other systems for convenient production through gene editing and gene targeting techniques. 

Wu Sen, Ph.D. Student of Academician Mario Capecchi and Professor of China Agricultural University accompanies and offered simultaneous interpretation. The wonderful sharing of Academician Capecchi raises a heated discussion among the media and the audience. 

▲ Wu Sen, Ph.D. Student of Academician Mario Capecchi and Professor of China Agricultural University accompanies and offered simultaneous interpretation.

▲Media reporters from Securities Daily,, etc. and the audience exchange ideas with Academician Capecchi 

Media reporters from Securities Daily,, etc. and the audience exchange ideas and make discussions with Academician Capecchi on multiple topics such as recent gene editing events, whether the gene failure cases can cause genetic pollution, whether genetically modified foods cause harm to human bodies, whether diseases such as cancer and diabetes can be cured in the future with this technology as well as other questions related to health management and skin care. 

Academician Capecchi expresses that China's genetic research and development is on the rise, and if such momentum is maintained, it will be better and better. Technology itself is neutral. And it is human wisdom that may decide to use it in a good or bad manner. People from all walks of life should be together to make this selection. In terms of medical diseases, satisfying management control measures will be available in future for major diseases, and they will no longer be a major threat to human beings. In our daily life, we can see many young people full of energy. The quality of their mentality will also directly affect the health of the human body. And it is also important to pay attention to diets and eliminate anxiety. 

▲Summary by Cheng Xiangwen, President of Bauing Group

Cheng Xiangwen, President of Bauing Group, makes the closing summary. He says, Academician Capecchi has given a profound explanation of the profound medical theory of gene stem cells to everyone. He has also explained the differences and connections between stem cells, genes, and the application of genes in medicine and food. It is quite beneficial for everyone to have the chance of face-to-face communication with the master and winner of the Nobel Prize. 

After the lecture, accompanied by Gu Pu, Vice President of Bauing Group, Academician Capecchi and his team visit the Bauing Art Gallery to learn about the corporate culture.

▲Gu Pu, Vice President of Bauing Group. Present the calligraphy work Flying of A Strayed Crane by Wang Yueqing, Member of Xiling Society of Seal Arts and Curator of Bauing Art Gallery, as a gift to Academician Capecchi.

About 200 persons attend the lecture, including medical practitioners, financial practitioners, media reporters, partners, Gushao Bo (Chairmen of Bauing Decoration), Yu Shaoqian (Chairman of Board of Supervisors of Bauing Decoration), Cheng Xiangwen (President of Bauing Group), Yu Yongbo (Executive President of Bauing Group), Hu Lanping (Chairman of Board of Supervisors of Bauing Group), Wen Wuyan, Liu Zhenbo, Chen Long, Chen Guiyong (Vice Presidents of Bauing Group), middle and senior managerial personnel, etc.

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