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On June 15th, in order to promote the construction of enterprises’ credit systems, push forward a social trend of honesty and integrity and encourage enterprises to stress on managing contracts and credits, according to the requirements of Several Proposals for deepening the activity of “Contract respecting and credit honoring” (Document No.16, Industrial and Commercial Market, 2006 ), published by National Industrial and Commercial Bureau, after a strict process of declaring, judging, checking and advance publicity, Guangdong Industrial and Commercial Bureau decided to publicize enterprises that were chosen as “Enterprises that respect contracts and honor credits in 2008” , including ours.


Since the funding of our company, we always attach great importance to the construction of credit systems, formed our honesty values, cultures and an faithful enterprising spirit. We persist to operate with integrity and honesty, engage faithfully for a win-win situation, and repay the society with our integrity, which won us a great reputation. We are also elected “The most contract respecting and credit honoring enterprises in China” several years in a row by National Industrial and Commercial Bureau. In 2007, based on the faithful brand image we have achieved in accessory industry, we were recognized as the first group of construction accessory enterprises with level AAA credit. At the end of last year, we were specially honored with “2008 Chinese enterprises with great integrity”, and at the beginning of this year, we were recognized as “2008 Guangdong enterprises with great integrity”.


This time receiving “Enterprises that respect contracts and honor credits in 2008” from Guangdong Industrial and Commercial Bureau is the most professional and precious recognition and boost from senior government for our enterprise’s honest strategy. We should carry on studying and implementing Contract Law, strengthen contract managing system, increase and invent new advantages in developing, make bigger contribution to building up an economic order stressing integrity and honesty, and further the development of a harmonious economic market. 

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