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During Nov. 1st to 20th, Bauing Group's 2009 annual employee Games Table Tennis and Badminton Competition was held. This year is also at its 15th Anniversary. The subsidiary of a total of eight teams and more than 200 athletes took part in the Games, Chairman Shaoming Gu, executive vice president Zhibiao Ye, Vice president Wen Wuyan, Vice President Linshu Wen, Assistant to President ShiJian Ye, President assistants Zhigang Zhong and other staff were at the awards ceremony and closing ceremony.


Bauing Group 2009 Annual Staff Games is a well-organized, colorful staff of sports competitions. The competition is divided into table tennis and badminton men's singles and women's singles tournament two groups, Table Tennis Competition was held on November 14 in the group under the new grain and oil Co., Ltd. Shenzhen, a professional table tennis venue on the final, and were decided at a man with a Women's winners. Among them, the Group subsidiaries in emerging Oils Co Ltd, Shenzhen, Shifeng Zhong , Zhifeng Deng respectively of the table tennis men's champion, runner-up, the Group's headquarters budget of the Ministry of staff Kai-Feng Tian won the Men's Table Tennis Runner-up; Group headquarters office staff Xing Yao won the women's table tennis champion, Yi Wang subsidiary of staff received a letter table tennis women's runner-up, the Group Finance Department headquarters staff rely on this girl won the table tennis women's third place.


On 21th November, 9:30 am, badminton contest winners OCT sports and cultural center began in the intense competition, about 14 o'clock, badminton competition a successful conclusion, respectively, decided at the winners of the badminton competition for men and women. Among them, the Group Sales Department headquarters staff soon Zhi ZHU won the badminton men's champion, the Group's subsidiaries in emerging Oils Co., Ltd. Shenzhen, staff Xiaolin Liang, Shifeng Zhong front of the badminton men's runner-up respectively, second runner-up; Group Finance Department headquarters staff Cimei Lai won the badminton women's Champion, the Group headquarters engineering staff Zheng Lian won the badminton women's runner-up, the Group Finance Department headquarters staff Qiuyuan LUO won the second runner-up badminton.


At 15:00, OCT-site sports and cultural center was held Po Eagle Group 2009 Annual Staff Games table tennis and badminton competitions of the presentation ceremony. Chairman Shaoming Gu, executive vice president Zhibiao Ye, Vice president Wuyan Wen, Vice President Linshu Wen, Assistant to President ShiJian Ye, and President assistants Zhigang Zhong to get the employees were award winners and a souvenir photo.


Awards ceremony is completed, executive vice president of the Group of Zhibiao Ye closing remarks, he noted that this is a successful competition, solidarity, competition, he expects Endeavor staff carry forward this struggle, beyond self-sportsmanship, hard work, the pursuit of excellence, in order to Group booming Built to Last contribute to the end he announced that the Bauing Staff Games successfully concluded in 2009.




Athletes to participate in badminton competition, and some staff photo  




Chairman of the leadership group (second from right),Shaoming Gu, executive vice president (second from left), Zhibiao Ye, Vice President(left), WuYan Wen, Vice President(far right), Linshu Wen with some of the award-winning athlete photo




Women's badminton competition winners on the podium



Badminton athletes in a race 

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