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The afternoon of July 14, secretary of Guangdong Provincial Communist Youth League, the Provincial Youth Chairman of editorials Mr Tan JunTie researched the construction of grassroots organizations in our group and examined "the construction site mission to build" mode. He stressed that young people in Shenzhen should play an active part in local economic development and youth members to participate in the Dayun project ought to play the role of leader and pacesetter to complete the works by quality by and amount. In the current financial crisis, the building of Communist Youth League members and the growth of league member are supposed to closely combine with the development of enterprises. Youth League should be good at exploring and see how to combine the enterprise development with building of construction of league; the league organizations should seek out greater development of ideas for the troubling enterprises; Youth enterprises must carry out bold exploration of grassroots organizations working methods, it is necessary to make good use of the great influence from college branch, project organizations. In addition, members should walk together with the enterprises and work hard for fulfilling current goals of companies. The league department should make more contribution to develop the interaction between construction of league and effective development of enterprises, setting a great example for the construction of Guangdong province and our country.


With the arrival of the Shenzhen Universiade flag, more and more projects for the Universiade are being built. Sun, flags Durian, youth workers,of our Group Communist Youth League organizations to participate the construction of supporting Universiade projects set up young commando and members of youth commando assault course on site, in order to improve the quality of the project and ensuring the construction period. In this regard, leaders of youth league committee and Provincial Party Committee thought highly of what our members did.


Bauing group is the only group appeared in the “the experiment unit for establishing youth volunteer’s Community in enterprise grass-roots ” by the youth volunteer 's activities in China. Founded on June 2007, the youth volunteer Group in Bauing is the first one in China. Through unremitting efforts, the youth volunteer community in Bauing has been award as “the great volunteer group in Shenzhen” and “Wusi Hongqi volunteer community in Guangdong ”. On April 2009, Bauing group was appeared in the “the experiment unit for establishingyouth volunteer’s Community in enterprise grass-roots ” once again.


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