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On Dec. 8 th , Gu Pu the Vice President of Bauing Group was invited to make a lecture in Guangdong University of Foreign Studies and commissioned as a guest professor. He Chuantian the Vice President of the University, Zhu Wenzhong the Executive Director, Luo Haiyang the Deputy Secretary of Party Committee, Yuan Denghua, Liang Jie the Vice Directors of the College of Business, London Wu  the Assistant President and Manager of the Department of Human Resources of Bauing Group, Dong Bing the Manager of the Department of Cultural Brand and over 200 teachers and students of the University attended the lecture. Zhu Wenzhong presided over the lecture. 


▲Lecture Site    

Before the lecture, He Chuantian the Vice President of the University granted Letter of Appointment to Gu Pu the Vice President and formally commissioned Gu as the guest professor of the University. From then on, the cooperation between Bauing Group and the University reached a new level. 

▲ Gu Pu the Vice President Commissioned as the Guest Professor of the University 


        In the lecture, Gu Pu the Vice President started from the “three realms of life” proposed by Wang Guowei the Master of Chinese Culture, stressed that the modern society in which human’s values are confused shall take history as a mirror and people who want to achieve themselves shall endure loneliness and keep longing attitude to knowledge, to finally realize human goals. 


▲Gu Pu in Lecture 

Taking stories of Chinese and Foreign celebrities and practices of Bauing as examples, with humorous language, Gu Pu shared his own experience with the audience. With a new interpretation of “a flash in the pan”, Gu encouraged everyone to make their lives in full blossom and a beautiful melody; then, with the experience of observing Zhou Guocheng the Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Master creating orchid, Gu expressed his feelings about life; in peaceful place, there lies roaring energy, and in simple leisure there lies generosity; Gu also encouraged students to keep in good faith and spread positive energy in society.  

▲Audience in lecture    

In simple words, Gu proposed the essence of Chinese traditional culture centered on “kindness” and the idea that concept decides destiny, and inspired everyone to master their own destiny with efforts with the words “keeping a concept and gaining a behavior; keeping a behavior and cultivating a habit; keeping a habit and gaining a character; keeping a character and gaining a destiny”  

▲Gu Pu in lecture 

At the end of lecture, Gu also communicated with students about what they were concerned in a tense atmosphere. For the question proposed by teachers that the negative energy transmitted in network V may misleads students, Gu analyzed the negative energy of network in all aspects with “intention” as the key and gave specific advice to the students. 

For questions about start-up, Gu first explained how students dialectically treated start-up problems, and then suggested students reserve energy for bigger success. 

According to Gu’s lecture, some students asked how to treat the lost and confuse in the “realm theory” of Wang Guowei as well as failure and frustration, and without hesitation, Gu led the key point of the question to the words “let it go”, and told students to do after thinking and do what they should do.

In the end, one student asked about the contradiction between Gu’s identity and his loved career: Mr. Gu, as a vice president, what you should do is to make money for the company, while you are devoted to transmission of traditional culture and positive energy, what you did must be under much judgement and criticism, so how do you treat this problem? Gu first praised the student, and then said: as an enterprise in traditional architecture industry, especially in Shenzhen where land is expensive, we insisted in creating Bauing Lecture and was missioned as inheriting education. I think, this is the difference between Bauing and other enterprises, many students stopped learning after graduation and thought education is what schools should do and this is totally wrong. As an enterprise, we should take education upon ourselves, to provide training for employees and develop their working skills and thoughts. We had a lot of cultural activities that seemed irrelevant of the enterprise and naturally had the same effect with Bauing Lecture in a certain level. And this was a communication platform for the spirit of Bauing people and continuous efforts for leading Bauing into the road of transmitting positive energy. As a small society in the big society, an enterprise shall have positive life values, which is society responsibility and self bearing. Happiness may not be proportioned to wealth, but culture makes us united and happier. 

▲ Teachers and students of the University discussed with Gu in the lecture 

Gu’s splendid lecture and practical and thoughtful communication got up the warm applause, just as what students said, this was an ablution in thoughts and cultural feast. 

▲Group photo (5 th L: He Chuantian Vice President of the University; 5 th R: Gu Pu Vice President; 4 th L: London Wu  Assistant President; 3 rd L: Zhu Wenzhong Executive Director; 3 rd R: Luo Haiyang the Deputy Secretary of Party Committee; 2 nd L: Yuan Denghua Vice Director; 1 st L: Liang Jie Vice Director).

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