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On 15 th Feb. 2012, Bauing Group labor union, youth league committee and project management center greatly proposed “Love Donation” for Tang Jinsong, who was one common staff of project management department in Guangzhou Branch. Amazingly, we received 70,000 RMB in one day. In the afternoon on 17 th Feb. 2012, representatives of our group went to see Mr. Tang’s wife who was recovering from cancer. Mr. Tang was so moved and said with tears in his eyes “Thanks for all colleagues’ support and caring from the bottom of my heart”.


In Sep. 2011, Mr. Tang’s wife was diagnosed that she had got mammary cancer and endometrial carcinoma. By the end of Jan. 2012, his wife has had twice major operation and six-times chemotherapy. Only after several months’ treatment, Mr. Tang has spent all his savings. Although he was facing heavily-sick wife, old mother and two young daughters, he was still on duty for fulfilling project tasks with great life pressure and mental stress.


Group leaders attached great importance to this issue. To help Mr. Tang through the tough-time, labor union, youth league committee and project management center called on all staff to promote Bauing Group traditional spirit, to make a contribution, to organize “Love Donation” in the short time.


The “Love Donation” not only helps Mr. Tang out at this very moment, but also shows the “Thanksgiving and contribution to society” spirit of Bauing Group. Bauing Group staff demonstrate that they are willing to pay, to give a helping hand, to make a harmonious Bauing Group.

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