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On the evening of Dec.31st, our company held a party in Pengwan Restaurant to celebrate the coming of New Year 2009. All of the staff and the leaders gathered together to enjoy the happy moment.


Before the dinner, chairman of the board Mr. Gu Shaoming gave a speech. He said 2008 was an unusual year for our country and also a crucial year for our company. In 2008, the company has experienced the largest-scale system reform since 1994; in spite of the global financial crisis, great economic achievements were attained thanks to the new administrative system and the economic indicators were increased respectively compared with that of the last year.


Chairman Gu also summarized the performance of our company in 2008. Firstly, owing to the company’s administrative strategies and the hard work of all of the staff, the reform of the company had been furthered, the administrative system refined, economic results ensured and operative risks avoided. Secondly, thanks to the effective management of the leaders and the hard work of the staff, a series of good results were achieved. Thirdly, great progress was shown in cultural development of the company. Fourthly, “administrative information system” and “the recognition system of the company’s image” were carried out at the same time, which is a significant measure to upgrade the company’s image. Fifthly, the human resource strategy was well implemented. Last but not least, resource allocation was optimized, the organization structure simplified and work efficiency improved.


Besides, Chairman Gu also set the company’s goals for 2009. Firstly, to further the company’s reform; secondly, to enlarge the market of the company; thirdly, to continue the cultural development and brand development of the company; fourthly, to adopt all kinds of measures to attract talents, make good use of talents and cultivate talents; fifthly, to promote the reform and improvement of the financial system and to refine the business accounting.


In the end, Chairman Gu reminded us that in spite of the achievements in 2008, we should continue to hold together to prepare for the unknown difficulties in 2009 brought by the global financial crisis. He wished everyone a happy new year. After the speech, the dinner started and everyone sent their best wishes to each other and enjoyed the New Year’s Eve together.  

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