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 In the visit, group leaders showed Mr. Luo around Bauing administration office building and D & R center which are designed and decorated by Bauing Group itself. With the basic understanding of Bauing group, Chairman Gu Shaoming introduced the development history, current situation and the future plan of the group. Also he shared the ideas and experience with Mr. Luo and Mr. Quan on current condition, develop prospection, enterprise management, human resources strategy, after-sales service, enterprise culture in decoration industry.


When it comes to the relationship between enterprise and EEA, Chairman Gu Shaoming was highly appreciated with the support and help provided by EEA. He pointed out that only with the instruction and support from EEA, could Bauing Group develop fast and healthily. He also hopes that EEA would continuously focus on Decoration Industry and provide unremitting power for the industry.


Mr. Luo highly praised Chairman Gu Shaoming with his advanced concept. Through this visit, he acknowledged that Bauing Group performed very well such as the developing speed, enterprise scale and culture through this visit. He hopes that Bauing Group would be always insisting in innovation and development, Bauing Group would broadly take part in the communication activities held by EEA to spread the advanced enterprise culture and business conception. He also hopes that Bauing Group could make greater contribution to the district economic development and industry development.

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