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Ten thousand years are too long, seize every minute.

In 2016, Bauing Group is united as one, and makes steady progress in grasping the pattern, timely adjusting ideas and being brave enough to practice and fight in the spirits of wisdom, sensitivity and courage.


▲ Bauing Group enters into overseas engineering contracts with Sichuan Huashi (Vietnam) Co., Ltd and Myanmar AMM Corporation


In 2016, “13thFive-year Plan” indicates the direction. Various industries have made breakthroughs and constant innovation. Passions run high, and everything takes on a completely new look. Opportunities and crises respectively co-exist with challenges and favorable turns. Bauing Group continues to explore the overseas markets, and spreads the green and intelligent decoration integrated with China’s unique humanistic philosophy to farther countries along “One Belt and One Road”. Hard-working and aggressive Bauing staff spreads “China decoration” from Shenzhen to the world, such as Southeast Asia, Europe, the Americas, Oceania and the Middle East, and lets the world experience the wisdom and charm of the national brand of China’s architectural decoration.


▲ Ma Xingrui, former Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee Secretary and incumbent acting governor of Guangdong province, meets Gu Shaoming, chairman of the board of Bauing Group, and Chinese scientists


Value discovery and creation is Bauing’s deposits within twenty-three years, which has given us more and more responsibilities. In our motherland, we sigh with emotion at vast mountains and lakes, taste extensive and profound Chinese culture, and begin another phase of traditional and modern architectures. Along “One Belt and One Road”, we appreciate the customs of various countries, calmly face different cultural backgrounds, and actively adapt to and create all the opportunities. In practice, we are full of confidence in the Chinese architectural decoration to the world!  


In the baptism of “Internet +” and “intelligence and wisdom” new concept of social life, Bauing deliberately cultivates new growth points, actively improves the corporate genes, and reshapes the winning password. We will be able to trace QR codes and other new technologies, new materials and new ideas applied to more areas. Furthermore, life intelligence and urban wisdom have become the mainstream of the era of architectural decoration industry. 

▲ “INNOVA Institute of New Energy” and “Bauing Group” sign a strategic cooperation agreement 


In 2016, technology and cultural feasts have never stopped. Under the organization of Bauing Group, the world’s top scientists and engineers as well as highly respected members of the Academy of Sciences of China and the United States visited Shenzhen many times, and entered into the “Bauing Lecture”, thereby passing down science and technology as well as humanities from generation to generation, and bringing new thinking and perspective to Bauing and all sectors of society. By virtue of the opportunity of “One Belt and One Road”, we have also spread the Chinese humanistic spirit to other countries, and have associated by means of literature and expressed feelings through painting and calligraphy. Furthermore, we have taken mutual benefit and win-win situation as core concept for the reconstruction of the bridge of communication and trust. 

 ▲Four episodes of “Bauing Lecture” have brought thought feast to all sectors of society in 2016 


Have the wisdom, sensitivity and courage to consider the situation, to recognize the whole through observation of the part and to practice.A new year is about to begin, Bauing will be more mature and confident with the past practice and experience. 


Look forward to 2017, you and I make concerted efforts to realize win-win cooperation.

Look forward to 2017, humanities will keep pace with science and technology! 


Thank all partners of Bauing Group, all staff members of Bauing Group and all friends supporting and caring Bauing Group! Wish you all further progress in the New Year! Wish you a prosperous new year of 2017!


Chairman of Bauing Decoration: Gu Shaobo

                                                                                                                              December 31, 2016

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