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June 7th 2009, the name list of the National Best Project Manager in Building Decoration of 2009, given by the China Building Decoration Association, is announced and the award ceremony is held in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province. Fourteen Project managers of the company like Gu Shaosheng, Wen Linshu, Wang Jianguo, Ye Shijian, Dai Fengjun, Luo Zhilong et Yu Shengwang are named on the list by right of their remarkable performance in item construction management and construction technology.

Many Project managers such as Gu Shaosheng, Wen Linshu, Ye Shijian have won several times this laurel. Their outstanding performance in this sector indicates that the company has a high management level and owns an abundant reserve of talents in construction management.

It is reported that in order to promote the country’s whole level of building decoration to upgrade constantly, to build up advanced pace-setters of construction managers in building decoration, to stimulate all managers’enthusiasm and their creativity and to realize more elaborate projets, the China Building Decoration Association has decided to honor excellent items managers selected from those who won the National Building Decoration Prize and Luban Prize these 3 years.

Chosen by the experts of China Building Decoration Association, 467 Project managers of A rank and 191 of B rank, including 14 managers of our company like Gu Shaosheng, Wen Linshu and Ye Shijian, have won   the honorary title“2009 National Best Project Manager in Building Decoration”

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