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From 7th to 18th April 2009, Bauing launches out her spring recruitment in Shenzhen headquarter, during which dozens of vacancies from base to management are offered.


Facing the severe economic situation caused by the financial tsunami in 2008, Bauing has been playing a positive role in tackling the crises and confronting the challenges. Persisting the principle of “no salary cutting, no redundancy, no extra turmoil to government, no additional disaster to staff’s family”, Bauing has never fell behind or reduced anyone’s salary, or dismiss any qualified staff since the crisis. In 2008, Bauing realized a steady growth over year by efficient management strengthening, cost controlling and business expanding.


More than 100 applicants, who have been prudently selected by Bauing’s HRs from over 2,000 applications, showing up in the 18th April recruitment to compete for about 30 vacancies.


 First season of 2009, Bauing continues a rapid growth in business and the national expansion gets no block from the financial crisis. In order to meet the development demand, Bauing launches out this large scale spring recruitment in Shenzhen headquarter.

This recruiment gathers a large amount of professional talents for Bauing, while claims an optimistic and confident future of Bauing’s development to the sosiety, which is brought by the steady business growth, clear goals and scientific strategies.

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