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Mayday in Shenzhen city is filled with fragrant blessing and its beauty attracts people. On the afternoon of May 10, the conference in commemoration of 90th anniversary of May 4th and the working meeting of the group’s Youth League was held by the Youth league of Bauing Group in Shenzhen Grand View Hotel. More than 300 representatives of youth members attended the conference, as well as Chen Hongyu (Chief Organization Department of Guangdong Committee of Youth League of China), Zhang Zhihua (deputy secretary of Shenzhen Committee of YLC), Zhou Wenling (secretary of Youth League Comittee of Futian Sub-district), Gu Shaoming (president of Bauing Group and secretary of the group Communist Party of China), Ye Zhibiao (executive vice CEO of the Group), Gu Weizhong (general manager of Shenzhen Shenlongxin Plastic Co.Ltd of the group) and other leaders.

The conference began with the song of the Youth League of China. First the president of the group gave a speech, expressing his sincere gratitude and highest respect to those who offered concern and support, and many thanks to those who devoted themselves to their work. The speaker also said that the Committee of YLC has been playing a leading role and has achieved great progress in improving workers’ quality, organization, work and life, and in promoting the construction and development of the group.


Currently, the international financial crisis has affected the whole world and Guangdong Province is one of the most seriously affected regions in China. Therefore it is of great significance to hold this meeting. During economic difficulties, enterprises need young employees who are energetic, dynamic and creative. The president called on young employees to study the speech given by Wang Yang (member of Political Bureau of Central Committee of CPC and secretary of Guangdong Committee).


At the meeting, Youth League of Bauing Group awarded individuals who did outstanding work for the Youth League in 2008. Chief Chen, vice secretary Zhang, president Gu and vice CEO Ye gave out the awards to those who won the honor of “Outstanding Leaders of Guangdong YLC”, “Outstanding Members of Guangdong YLC”, “Outstanding Leaders of Shenzhen YLC”, “Outstanding Members of Shenzhen YLC”, “Outstanding Leaders of Youth League of Bauing Group” and “Outstanding Members of Youth League of Bauing Group”.


Deputy secretary Zhang Zhihua made a speech which affirmed the work of Bauing Group and thanked them for their full attention to the work. He pointed out that Bauing Group is a progressive company whose team of leaders is thoughtful and vigorous. He suggested that young employees should cherish such opportunities to further promote the spirit of May 4th: patriotism, progress, democracy and science. He asked them to keep their faith, study and work harder and try their efforts to improve the construction of the organization of the Youth League and make even greater contributions for the construction and development of Bauing Group.

Chief Chen gave important mission to the group construction of Bauing Group, calling on young employees to fulfill the “Four Calls-on and Four Wishes”, the requirement brought forward by secretary Wang. The requirement calls for innovation, which means young people should take advantage of their potential and strive for creation; it also calls for rationalism, which means young people should arm their minds with the Theory of Scientific Development and step forward in the right direction. Young people are required to start their career with a proper ambition and grasp opportunities to develop and realize the value of life in the development of science.


Youngsters should furthermore take social responsibilities and perfect their moral personality.

Subsequently, secretaries of every branch of the Youth League gave speeches on their work of last year and the first half of this year. They also talked about what they had learned from the work. At last, secretary of the Youth League Zhong zhigang made an overall arrangement for the group over the second half of the year.


Before the conference, people present, including Youth League Committees of Provincial, Municipal, and Sub-districts as well as leaders of Bauing Group and others, signed their names on a love banner to commemorate the first anniversary of Wenchuan earthquake last year and bless the compatriots there as a memoriam.

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