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A Chinese construction association President cheng army (former deputy minister of national construction) to GuShaoMing chairman issued "the Chinese construction the most growth among top enterprises" MEDALS


On 14 th Dec. 2012, entrepreneurs from all over China were gathering to congratulate the 25 th anniversary of the foundation of China Construction Industry Association and successful opening of the press conference held in Beijing. Our group was selected as the most potential growing corporation top 100 of China Construction Industry. Our Chairman Gu Shaoming was rewarded as Excellent entrepreneur in China Construction Industry.


In the meeting, Master of the conference published the list of Most Competitive Corporation top 100 and Most Potential Growing Corporation top 100 in China Construction Industry. He also rewarded 79 advanced associations of construction industry, 81 excellent secretaries in construction industry, 206 advanced enterprises, 280 excellent entrepreneurs in China construction industry. Minister of China Housing and Urban, Rural Development Department (CHURDD), Mr. Jiang Weixin sent out a congratulation letter. Chairman of China Construction Association Mr. Zheng Yijun presented and gave a speech. More than 600 people participated in the conference, such as chairman of China Metal Structure Association Mr. Yao Bing, General Engineer of CHURDD Mr. Chen Zhong, Vice Executive Director of Technology bureau of CHURDD Mr. Li Bingren, Vice Director of Construction Market Supervision Miss Liu Xiaoyan, Vice Chairmen of China Construction Industry Association Mr. Yi Jun, Mr. Li Changjin and related leaders etc.


In the meeting, advanced associations and enterprises, excellent secretaries and entrepreneurs were rewarded. The master of conference published and commended the Double-top 100 Corporations of China Construction Industry.


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