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From July 25 to 26, in order to enrich lives of staff and let them relax, the group held a trip name “green heart” in Heyuan. More than fifty employees including staff from headquarter attend the event.


The destination of this trip is named "water towers of Hong Kong and Shenzhen". The province's two largest reservoirs - Xinfengjiang reservoir and Maple dam reservoirs are in this City. Continuous water from eastern River not only moistens the east of Pearl River Delta, but also flows into Hong Kong through the Dong Sheng water supply project. This journey not only gave opportunities for us to enjoy the beautiful scene of Easter River Stem, but also let us feel the Hakka culture produced by the green hills and clear waters. It is introduced that Heyuan is a well-known ecological tourist scenery, where there are green hills and clear waters and cultural relics and historic sports. Because of its scene, tourist can feel getting closer to nature and being happier.


On the 25th July, we started off from Sheng Zhen. On the way to Heyuan, each of our members tried his best to pleasant others, bring on non-stopping laughing and applause. In arrival of Heyuan, we tasted local seafood and traditional Hakka food of eastern River. Then we travelled to WangluLake and Ladies Kingdom . In Ladies Kingdom , we experienced the unique folk song culture and marriage culture. Two of our staff took part in the show and their excellent performance with the actors brought great pleasure to our audience. Besides, we participated the thrilling event called flying over WangluLake. In the evening, we watched the amazing music fountains show. The other day, we visited the famous cultural relics and historic sports and climbed the Yechugou Forest Park. At the last, we experienced the excitation and mystery of drifting in the dark. With beautiful landscape and fresh air, we had a great time in Heyuan and forgot to go home.


The group holds trip every year to enhance the communication between staff and the organization. At the same time, it is the elementary bonus of our staff. This year, at the time of fifteen-year anniversary, everyone obliges to do utmost to make more contributions to our group and push our enterprise to another level.


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