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Recently, the good news from the China Building Decoration Association is our company successful appeared in the "2008 China Building Decoration hundred industry enterprises", announced to public. Prior to this, our company with a strong 5th consecutive selected hundred of China Building Decoration industry enterprises.


It is understood that by the China Building Decoration Association and newspaper organizations in the construction of China Building Decoration hundred enterprises to promote the activities of the evaluation began in 2003, is the 6th of this year. Evaluation is the main indicator of business size, asset size, market and social taxes, as well as the evaluation of the enterprise, this is the comprehensive strength of enterprises and society as a whole to determine credibility.


China Building Decoration hundred companies since the launch of the evaluation activities have been building decoration companies, construction owners, project bidding agency and the high degree of trust is widely recognized, has become an annual routine, authoritative evaluation of the activities of the industry, selected hundred enterprises greatly help to enhance the advantage of brand awareness and corporate reputation.

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