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2009 China Construction Engineering Luban Award (National Quality Project) of the judging has ended, audited by the China Construction Industry Association, my company participate in the construction and decoration of the Tianhe International Airport decoration project in Wuhan city won the highest award China's construction industry - 2009 China Construction Engineering Luban Award (National Quality Project). According to the project person in charge of the company, the company during the construction of the project involves a lot of super-normal shape, complex structural systems and new processes, new technologies, new materials, to the difficulty of construction, quality control, many challenges. Through the construction technicians and craftsmen are unsurpassed efforts in the construction process, innovation and application of a number of new construction technologies, successfully resolved the construction of a number of high-precision and advanced technical difficulties for the project has laid a solid foundation for successful excellence .


It is learned that, "Luban" all referred to as "building works Luban," in 1987 by the China Construction Association was established in 1993 transferred to China Construction Industry Association. The main purpose is to encourage construction enterprises to strengthen management, improve project quality, top-notch engineering, to promote a general increase in the level of China's engineering quality. At present, this indicates that China Construction Engineering Quality's highest honor, from the Ministry of Construction, China Construction Industry Association awarded. In July 1996, according to the Ministry of Construction, "two awards-one" decision, will the Government set up in 1981 and organize the implementation of the "National High Quality Project Award" and "building works Luban" merger, awards were designated as "China State Construction Engineering Luban Award ", selected once a year, an annual award amount is now 80. "Luban" has a strict selection methods and reporting, assessment procedures, and strict disciplinary assessment. Accreditation by the Accreditation Committee is responsible for, the association is responsible only for the admissibility of declarations, organizing preliminary evaluation and engineering review, the work of non-interference selection. Judges by the State Council departments and all regions of the experts, chosen by secret ballot.


At the same time was informed by my company renovated office building in Shenzhen Grand Parkway R & D intensive renovation project was awarded in 2009 the National Construction Decoration Award.


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