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On December 22, 2009, National Assembly building decoration ceremony was held at the Great Hall of the victory, the former vice chairman of CPPCC National Committee, Meng Li, Vice-Minister of Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Ji Qi, China Real Estate Research Association and former Vice-Ministry of Construction Minister Zhifeng Liu, and the large number of domestic architectural decoration business representatives attended the meeting. At the meeting, Bauing group was awarded the "National Construction Decoration Awards Star Enterprise", "2009 National Building decoration, AAA grade credit enterprise", "2009 National Construction Decoration Award.” The chairman of the Bauing group Shaoming Gu, was awarded the" 2009 National Building decoration, excellent entrepreneur. "


Bauing Group received the "National Construction Decoration Awards Star Enterprise" title for more than 5 consecutive years as a building decorated by the National Award for Enterprise was rated star star enterprises. The Group received the "2009 National Building decoration, AAA grade credit enterprise" title, is based on the work of the Office of the Ministry of Commerce of credit, contact the Office of the SASAC Industry Association China Building Decoration Association, and the spirit of the relevant documents issued after a rigorous assessment of the selection results have been submitted to the Secretary of Commerce, the credit market order, the work of the Office of the record, and in China's fight against commercial fraud online at the same time notice.


At the same time, the chairman of Bauing Group, Shaoming Gu was awarded, "2009 National Building Decoration Industry outstanding entrepreneurs", which is the National Building Decoration Association to develop innovative, pragmatic and enterprising spirit participating in the creation of China's national conditions for us to meet our operating mechanism decoration industry characteristics and business development models, and in the promotion of architectural development of industries and enterprises have made outstanding contributions.

Year 2009 is the harvest a year for Bauing Group. The more corporate honor, the more project honor, and more personal honor one after another, to witness the Group's pursuit of excellence, and create brilliant solid pace and a strong momentum of development.


2009 National Building decoration, AAA grade credit enterprise


National Construction Decoration Awards Star Enterprise


2009 National Construction Decoration Award


2009 National Building decoration, excellent entrepreneur

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