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Recently, the China Building Decoration Association, the Committee released the list of  "Top 50 Chinese construction enterprises 2009". Bauing Group is Top 30 Chinese construction enterprises in the list.


"Top 50 Architectural curtain wall industry enterprises in China" was created by the China Building Decoration Association and China Building Newspaper.  At present, Bauing group is the second time selected into the list of “Top 50 Architectural curtain wall industry enterprises in China".


Bauing Group is the one of top 100 enterprises in architectural decoration sector in China and the one of Top 50 enterprises in architecture curtain wall sector in China. Bauing Group has earned a strong reputation for our commitment and creativity, attributing our success and growth to the competence and ingenuity. Well established talent team ensures the credit and work quality of the enterprise and many large sized projects have won prizes. Bauing Group received hundreds of national decoration awards title such as Luban Prize and China Architectural Decoration Award.

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