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To  achieve the strategic targement for the new year, improve the overall qulity,management and service levels of assignment project personel,and to help the new employees get familiar with the work environment and the cultrue of the company,the Human Resources Department arranged a three-day training among Business Department,Finance Department and Qulity and Safety Department.

Xuping, Chief Executive Officer of the Group,delivered important speech at the beginning of the training.President Xuping firstly overviewed the Group’s present industry status,project structure , and the foucus of future efforts.


“Help the staff achieve ideal life”has been a principal of management in Bauing Group,and holding professional job-skill training for employees of various departments has also become an important part of the Personal System and the Coporate Culture of Bauing Group.In the future,the Group will pay more attention to the comprehensive training for staff ,and lead us to grow with the Group.

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