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On the afternoon of June 1st, Gu Shaoming the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Bauing Group and Bauing PT Construction Group Indonesia accompanied by Wu Duanhua the Chairman of Indonesia INTILAND Group and Ted Sioeng the Chairman of Indonesia Sioeng Group, made his special trip to Djakarta province to meet Zhong Wanxue the Governor. 

Gu Shaoming the Chairman (first from left) visited Zhong Wanxue the Governor of Djakarta of Indonesia (first from right), Wu Duanhua the Chairman of Indonesia INTILAND Group (in the middle)

Zhong Wanxue the governor expressed his welcome to the visit by Gu Shaoming the Chairman in fluent Hakka, and praised again the cornerstone laying ceremony of Indonesia Tzu Chi Hospital that is held in May 31st. Gu Shaoming expressed his sincere gratitude to Zhong’s cordial reception and reported Bauing’s projects in Indonesia including infrastructure, smart city, smart home and E-commerce to Zhong. At the same time, Zhong introduced the planning of building smart city in Djakarta from transportation, medical care and security aspects and the preparation of the construction of sports venues of Asian Games that will be held in 2018. Zhong said they were looking forward to Bauing’s aggressive moves in Indonesia and the government would give strong support.  

Zhong Wanxue the governor received Gu Shaoming the Chairman and his group 

Zhong Wanxue the governor took photos with Gu Shaoming the Chairman 

Jessica Gatot Elnitiarta the president of Sioeng Group, London Wu the assistant president of Bauing Group also attended the meeting. 

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