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On Jul. 6th, InsmerdaLebang the former assistant minister of the Ministry of State Security of Indonesia and his group visited Bauing Group. Gu Shaoming the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Bauing Group and President of PT Bauing Construction Indonesia, Ted Sioeng the Chairman of Indonesia Sioeng Group, Gu Pu the director and Vice President of Bauing Group and London Wu  the assistant president of Bauing Group cordially received InsmerdaLebang to welcome InsmerdaLebang and his group.  

InsmerdaLebang visited the head office of Bauing Group under the guidance of Gu Pu the Vice President 

InsmerdaLebang had a cordial talk with Gu Shaoming the Chairman 


Gu Shaoming the Chairman introduced InsmerdaLebang the development course of Bauing Group and current business layout, especially the development of PT Bauing Construction Indonesia under China’s national strategy of “One Belt and One Road”. Lebang made detailed inquiry about the development scale and plan of PT Bauing Construction Indonesia, and proposed that PT Bauing shall focus on both economic benefit and creating more employment opportunities for Indonesian people, and seek social goods for the society during the development. Lebang said: PT Bauing Construction Indonesia is a strong move of Bauing Group to actively implement the national strategy “One Belt and One Road” proposed by President Xi Jinping of China, and also a major initiative of Bauing Group to participate in economic and trade cooperation and make contributions to economic and cultural communication. Lebang added, the development of PT Bauing Construction Indonesia conformed to the times and met people’s interest needs, so PT Bauing will get more development. 

InsmerdaLebang gave suggestions on the development of PT Bauing Construction Indonesia 

InsmerdaLebang and Gu Shaoming the Chairman gave thumbs-up to the bright future of PT Bauing Construction Indonesia in Indonesia 

Gu Pu the Vice President introduced InsmerdaLebang the “Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition of PT Bauing Construction Indonesia” that was planned to be jointly held by Bauing Group and Guangzhou Municipal Artist Association in Djakarta in Oct. this year. Then, painting and calligraphy works full of Chinese cultural elements will be presented to all sectors of Indonesia. Gu Pu the Vice President gave gracious invitation to InsmerdaLebang to visit the exhibition. InsmerdaLebang and his group also watched the video in which Zhou Guocheng the president of Guangzhou Municipal Artist Association painted orchid. After appreciating the process of Chinese art and culture creation, InsmerdaLebang gave highly praise that Buaing Group not only promoted the economic communication between China and Indonesia, but played the bridge role of cultural communication.  

Group photo (InsmerdaLebang (third from right), Ted Sioeng the Chairman (second from left), Gu Shaoming the Chairman (first from left), Gu Pu the Vice President (third from left)).

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