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Gu Shaobo the president director of Bauing Group (the third from left) attended the award presen tation ceremony

Bauing was honored with “Shenzhen Time-Hon ored Brand”

Today, “Shenzhen’s Time-Honored Brand” Award Ceremony is held in Shenzhen. With wise, sharp and brave instincts, Bauing pioneered in entering Internet and rapidly developed international market and folk Silk Road; endeavored for great achievements with the concept of “Art Bauing, Cultural Bauing”; and was selected as “Shenzhen’s Time-Honored Brand” for benefiting society and realizing Bauing dream. Gu Shaobo,President Directorof Bauing Group, attended the Award Ceremony. At such special occasion of discarding old and bringing in new, wining “Shenzhen’s Time-Honored Brand” is the affirmation of precipitation and accumulation of Bauing Group in the past twenty years, and also the encouragement of its future development.


Opening ceremony site

An  Auspicious beginning of the New Year of Sheep 

Hu Lanping the chairman of the board of supervisors of Bauing Group kicked off for the opening ceremony

Gu Shaobo the president director of Bauing Group kicked off for the opening ceremony 

Demeanor of Bauing players 

Demeanor of Bauing players 

Today, 2014 “Bauing Cup” Basketball Game for the New Year Celebration &  the 1 st Anniversary of Bauing Group being listed kicked off under the winter sunlight. 12 teams are ready to fight, to show their Bauing sprit and animating attitude. As Gu says in the opening speech: No matter what kinds of competitions, Bauing people will carry forward their friendship, skills and styles. We believe thatthe basketball game will be the witness of the unity, morale and spirit of Bauing people. 

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