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The China Special Art Decoration & Technology Summit Forum 2015 was solemnly opened in Beijing on December 5. Bauing 's President Cheng Xiangwen was invited to attend the forum, and took a seat at the forum podium. Bauing Group was awarded the China Green Build ing and Ecological Operation Creative Design Awards 2015 at the forum. 


▲ The forum officially opened

▲ President Cheng Xiangwen took a seat at the forum podium

The forum was sponsored by China General Chamber of Commerce (CGCC), supported by China Real Estate Association and China Building Decoration Association (CBDA) and China Property Management Association, and organized by China Special Art Decoration Alliance. Experts of relevant specialties from the MOHURD, NDRC and Academy of Eco-civilization attended the forum and gave their speeches. At the forum, experts from different fields carried out extensive discussion on President Xi’s speech on developing green buildings and low-carbon transportation delivered at the opening ceremony of Climate Change Summit in Paris. They thought the “green building and ecological operation system” proposed at forum highly agreed with the Central Government’s guiding spirit of ecological civilization construction. They also said that we should take “green building and ecological operation system” as our persistent goal, undertake the responsibility of ecological civilization construction, hold high the banner of “green building and ecological operation system”, and create a “green, healthy, smart and culturalized” ecological and suitable residence with our brilliance and efforts, so as to contribute to China’s ecological civilization construction and strive for Chinese nation's great rejuvenation. 

▲ Forum site

Green decoration is Bauing’s important philosophy about decoration business, and the business creed which has been upheld by Bauing in its development. It is incumbent upon Bauing to actively shoulder the responsibilities of ecological construction, as well as green building and ecological operation system construction.


▲ Trophies of China Green Building and Ecological Operation Creative Design Awards 2015

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