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On Mar. 16 th , the activity “QFII Visit Listed Companies” organized by Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZSE) came to its first stop—Shenzhen Bauing Group and made an interactive visit and conversazione. Gu Pu the Vice President and Zhong Zhigang the Secretary of the Board of Bauing Group accompanied the visit. Gu Shaoming the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Hu Lanping the Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Cheng Xiangwen the President, Gu Pu the Vice President, Zhong Zhigang the Secretary of the Board, Dang Jianzhong the Vice President, Zeng Zhi the Chief Financial Officer, London Wu the Assistant President and other leaders attended the conversazione, which was presided by Zhong Zhigang the Secretary of the Board.


Under the guide and introduction by Gu Pu the Vice President, the group of QFII with over 30 members visited the office building of the Group headquarters which was independently designed and constructed by Bauing Group and especially got to know the honors and awards won by Bauing Group and new building materials.


Under the guide of Gu Pu the Vice President, the group of QFII visited Bauing Group

Gu Pu the Vice President introduced the decoration technologies of the Group office building

 In the conversazione, for better understanding Bauing Group, the group of QFII first watched the advertising video of Bauing Group, and then under detailed introduction by Gu Shaoming the Chairman, they had a complete understanding of listing situation and current business strategy and development goals of Bauing Group, as well as businesses in “Entering Internet” and “Expanding Overseas Market” the two focal points of the investment community. In interaction links, QFII members also focused on the two business sectors and frequently questioned, people responsible for relevant businesses of Bauing Group all gave full and accurate answers. When it came to strategic investments into and creating “Hexing” supply-chain platform, Dang Jianzhong the Vice President said: is a leading enterprise specializing in internet home decoration in China, and (home decoration) is now ranking the first. The “Hexing” supply-chain platform integrating the power of Bauing Group and South Decoration will be officially online this year. The platform is currently under test operation and planned to include over 200 excellent suppliers of building decoration materials of Bauing Group and South Decoration. For questions about Indonesian market and the establishment of PT Bauing Construction Indonesia, Gu Shaoming the Chairman answered: the establishment of PT Bauing Construction Indonesia closely matched the strategic conception of “One Belt and One Road” economic belts proposed by President Xi Jingping and it is hoped that Bauing Group be the excellent pioneer and practitioner of the conception; the next business development cannot be done without assistance from Sioeng Group and strong support from Indonesia government. Founded by Ted Sioeng the famous Chinese and overseas Chinese leader, Sioeng Group, the cooperative partner of Bauing Group, is a large enterprise integrating media, finance, real estate, mining and tourism. In January this year, Gu Shaoming and his group visited Djakarta, Pontianak and Bali of Indonesia for survey and business negotiation. During the visit, Gu and his group were received by Irman the Chairman of the Council of Local Representatives of Indonesia in the capitol. Irman said the congress and government would provide strong support for business development of Bauing Group in Indonesia. Additionally, the governor and vice governor of Kalimantan respectively met Gu and his Group in Pontianak, both expressing great support will be given to Bauing Group for business development. Therefore, under the trend of “One Belt and One Road” and with support from cooperative partner and Indonesia government, as well as South Decoration’s excellent experience in overseas engineering management, PT Bauing Construction Indonesia will certainly open up its overseas market.


Gu Shaoming the Chairman introduced Bauing Group in the conversazione

QFII members asked questions

QFII members asked questions

Dang Jianzhong the Vice President answered questions proposed by QFII members

QFII members read  About Bauing

Conversazione site 

 SZSE selected Bauing Group as the first stop of the activity “QFII Visit Listed Companies”, which showed its concerning and attention to Bauing Group. It is reported that the QFII members are professional investors from Hong Kong, Singapore, the USA, Britain, etc. Through close contact with QFII, Bauing Group will continue to learn, improve main business income, expand business layout and seek profit for its investors.

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