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On the afternoon of October 5th, the China (Guangdong)---Indonesia Bilateral Economic  Cooperation Exchange cosponsored by Guangdong CCPIT and China Committee of KADIN was held in Djakarta, the capital of Indonesia. At the exchange meeting, the Indonesia Guangdong General Chamber of Commerce was inaugurated.

In the background of "The Belt and Road" under the national strategy, Guangdong enterprises respond to national call to actively explore overseas markets, and achieved good results in the countries along "The Belt and Road". Guangdong also has a geographical advantage close to the Southeast Asian countries. In recent years, many enterprises in Guangdong have entered into the Southeast Asian countries, integrated into the ASEAN integration process. Among the ASEAN countries, Indonesia is the largest economic entity in ASEAN with a large population and rich resources. There are 260 million people in Indonesia with the proportion of Chinese accounted for 5%, mainly from Guangdong and Fujian Province, which determines the cooperation between Guangdong and Indonesia is very important.

China (Guangdong) - Indonesia Bilateral Trade and Economic Cooperation

According to the Indonesian investment agency statistics, in the first half of this year, Indonesia's foreign direct investment is more than $14 billion dollars, with the year-on-year growth of 1%, of which China investment amounted to $2.11 billion dollars, up 529.28% over the same period last year, becoming the third largest investor in Indonesia, which means "The Belt and Road" strategy is of effectiveness. In 2015, Guangdong and Indonesia trade amounted to $11 billion dollars, accounting for 1/4 of the total volume of the trade between the two countries. From Jan. to Aug. in 2016, in the global market downturn, Guangdong and Indonesia trade volume was still up to $6.8 billion dollars, with steady development in their economic and trade cooperation. Guangdong enterprise has become an important part of the business community in Indonesia. Thus, the establishment of Guangdong business platform to provide accurate platform services for Guangdong and Chinese investors under the new situation is imperative.


Wang Rong--Chairman of the CPPCC in Guangdong, Thomas--Indonesia Investment Coordination Minister, and Arif--Indonesia Tourism Minister attended today's economic and trade cooperation exchange and jointly inaugurated the newly established Guangdong General Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia with Gu Shaoming, the board chairman of Shenzhen Bauing Group as well as the president of Indonesia Bauing Construction Group, served as the first chairman.

Wang Rong, Arif, Thomas, Xiong Delong, Gu Shaoming and Li Dong jointly inaugurated the Guangdong General Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia.

Indonesia’s Tourism Minister Arif said that the Indonesian government attached great importance to the tourism industry to promote the economic development. Since 2014, tourism together with infrastructure, marine, food and energy has become Indonesia's five largest pillar industries which are given priority to develop. President Djoko personally developed the work index for the Ministry of Tourism, aiming to attract 20 million foreign tourists in 2019, doubling the original indicator of 9 million. In recent years, the number of Chinese tourists has increased. The growth rate of Chinese tourists to Indonesia ranks first among foreign tourists, and Indonesia looks forward to attract 2 million Chinese tourists in 2016. Indonesia will constantly make efforts in popularizing, direct route exploiting, as well as policy and human resource to make the Chinese tourists market bigger. As an important coastal city and economic center of China, Guangdong province has obvious advantages in location and resources. They are hoping to further strengthen the cooperation with Guangdong province to achieve mutual benefit and win-win cooperation.

Indonesia's Tourism Minister Arif welcomes more Chinese tourists to visit Indonesia

Thomas--- Indonesia Investment Coordination Minister, said in his speech that the current Indonesian government is the one attaches greatest importance to reform in recent 20 years. President Djoko attaches great importance to the relationship with China. At present, Chinese investors have become the most important investors in Indonesia, and Indonesia's economy is entering a period of rapid development. They welcomes more Guangdong enterprises and Chinese enterprises to Indonesia to strengthen their cooperation in various fields.

Thomas, Indonesia Investment Coordination Minister, welcomes Chinese investors to invest in Indonesia.


Wang Rong, Chairman of the CPPCC in Guangdong, extended his congratulations to the establishment of Guangdong General Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia with great expectations. Wang Rong said that Guangdong should give full play to the geographical advantage of Guangdong and Indonesia, boost their trade cooperation relations, as well as deepen understanding in economy and trade, science and technology, tourism, culture and other fields to lay a solid foundation. It's expected that the chamber can play an important role in expanding trade cooperation fields between the two countries, promoting their trade and investment cooperation relationship, deepening cultural and tourism cooperation, and driving more enterprises in Guangdong to develop in Indonesia.

Wang Rong extended his congratulations to the establishment of Guangdong General Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia with great expectations.

Chairman Gu Shaoming said, in the era that responsibility is more important than honor, he felt he shouldered heavy responsibilities as the chairman of Guangdong General Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia. The successful experience of China's reform and opening-up policy for more than thirty years tells us that the human society is eager to develop and human beings also long for living a wealthy life with dignity. Seizing these two desires is just grasping the source power for the development of the enterprise and even the society. Nowadays, the friendship between these two countries has been deepened day by day and each construction in Indonesia grows more and more prosperous. These two countries are harmonious and both in the golden period to develop and grow stronger. As long as a good grasp of the principle of mutual benefit and win-win as well as optimization selection, the Guangdong General Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia will have a brilliant future, and will further promote bilateral friendship and become a great force of social progress.

Chairman Gu Shaoming said clear policy, smooth business and nice people determine everything will be smooth. He hopes the Guangdong General Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia can contribute to the friendship between the two countries and social progress.

Chairman Gu Shaoming expressed that after the establishment of the chamber, it is committed to providing services related to accurate investment in Indonesia for Guangdong enterprises, to build a bridge for enterprises in Guangdong and Indonesia from all walks of life, and to help more Chinese enterprises enter into Indonesia. Clear policy, smooth business and nice people determine everything will be smooth. The Guangdong General Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia will strive to build harmonious advancing government-business relation of new type between Chinese enterprises and local politicians with precise force, to create a harmonizing march and win-win comprehensive business partnership between Chinese enterprise and Indonesia business, to forge social relations of mutual support and interdependence and to build a reliable platform for China's enterprises that seek for development in Indonesia.

Hundreds of representatives from China Embassy in Indonesia, Guangdong CCPIT, Indonesia business, Guangdong business delegation attended the meeting, and witnessed the establishment of Guangdong General Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia.

Wang Rong met with Indonesian officials and entrepreneur representatives (the Guangdong CPPCC Chairman Wang Rong is the fourth on the left,  Indonesian Tourism Minister Arif is the fourth on the right, Indonesian Investment Coordinating Minister Thomas is the third on the right,  Guangdong General Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia Gu Shaoming is the third on the left)

Before the event, Chairman Gu Shaoming also conducted in-depth exchanges with Guangdong CPPCC Chairman Wang Rong, I ndonesian Investment Coordinating Minister Thomas, Indonesian Tourism Minister Arif, China embassy representatives, and the Indonesian Consulate General in Guangzhou to discuss how to effectively guarantee the successful investment of Chinese enterprises in Indonesia.

Wang Rong (the second on the right )met with Indonesian officials

Chairman Gu Shaoming (the first on the left) took photos with Indonesia Tourism Minister Arif (the second on the left), ndonesian Investment Coordinating Minister Thomas (the second on the right) and Indonesian Chinese businessmen Zhang Tianlai (the first on the right).

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