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 On the morning of Mar. 7 th , 2009, the activity of paying a visit to excellent construction and decoration projects, which was hosted by the Guangdong Construction Association and organized by our company, started in Jingji Dameisha Restaurant, which was also an excellent construction and decoration project. More than 100 visitors from the construction and decoration companies in Fuoshan andGuangzhou took part in the activity. The authorities of Guangdong Construction Association, Shenzhen Decoration Association, Fuoshan Construction Association also paid a visit here. The vice president of our company Mr Wen Linshu and chief engineer Mr Wang Jianguo were in charge of this visit.

After going through the oriental-style hall and the recreation area, the visiting group was greatly impressed by the scene came into sight as they went into the wide conference hall. The door which is of more than 10 meters’ height, special decoration coating, bright illumination, all of them were magnificent and splendid. Many visitors were quite interested in the manufacturing and installation of the door, and our guide provided them professional and detailed answers. In the president suite, the design of “sea and sky” which stretched from the outside to the inside, together with the wooden floor, Japanese furniture and classical decoration, made people feel like being inSuzhou Gardens . Besides, the soundproof French casement and intellectualized bath system added some kind of scientific taste to the building. The visiting group, after paying a visit to the great hall, conference hall, meeting room, sea-viewing suite, president suite, recreation facilities and so on, highly praised our unique design and sophisticated construction technology.


The visiting group travelled by bus and arrived at the South Hotel of the Eastern Overseas-Chinese Town , which was near to the golf course and surrounded by the lakes on the top of the mountain. It was impressive to see the brown tile-roof made of imported materials, which looked different from different perspectives. The inside decoration was a typical combination of classical and modern simple style. The illumination and construction structure created a unique comfortable and casual atmosphere. The visiting group was quite surprised at the spirit of seeking for perfect detail that showed in the East Overseas-Chinese Town .


Our company was appointed by Guangdong Construction Association as the organizer of this visiting activity, which included visiting Xilaideng Restaurant and South Hotel of Eastern Overseas-Chinese Town. The activity not only was a recognition and praise to our construction level, but also provided a platform for the decoration companies of Pearl River areas to communicate and learn from each other.

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