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22 nd April, under the corporation of Guangdong Enterprise League, Entrepreneur Association and Guangdong Academy of Social Sciences, 2009 Guangdong Entrepreneurs Active Day is held successfully in Guangzhou. Senior Consultant of GEA and former Governor of Guangdong Province Lu Ruihua, Vice President of GEA Chen Guangfu, Vice Governor of Guangdong Province Tong Xing, Vice President of Guangdong People’s Political Consultative Committee Tang Bingquan, President of EA Luo Foguang, etc. attend the activity, which is hosted by Vice President of EA Wen Zhiming. Secretary of Guangdong Party Committee Wang Yang photos with the honored entrepreneurs and makes an important speech before the activity.


On the meeting, Bauing Group is awarded as the “Best Credit Enterprise of Guangdong 2008” and Chairman Gu Shaoming the “Best Entrepreneur of Guangdong 2008” , which highly approves the achievement of Chairman Gu and his enterprise, since that such two significant awards go to one group at the same time seldom happens.


As a specially invited guest, Chairman Gu makes a speech about credit building of enterprise. He gives priority to credit throughout the development of company by fulfilling the enterprise economic duty and the social responsibility as well. Confronting with enormous difficulties and challenges endured by the global financial crises, Chairman Gu believes that the persistent credit values more than ever. Finally, he claims that “Credit is priceless, Seeking no boundary, Future no limitation”, winning him the loudest applause in the hall.

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