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Bauing Group passed certain qualification test and being granted Medical Devices License by SFDA of Guangdong Province successfully. SFDA of Guangdong Province issued "Medical Devices license." Class Ⅲ permitted scope of business including: medical electronic equipment, medical optical apparatus, instruments and endoscopy equipment (soft, hard contact lenses and their care, except those with liquid), medical ultrasound equipment, and related equipment, medical laser equipment operating room, emergency room, clinic equipment and apparatus, medical instruments and equipment high-frequency Class Ⅱ: Medical X-ray ancillary equipment and components, disinfection and sterilization equipment and apparatus on December 4.


Bauing Group broadening the scope of the Group's business activities and the construction of the hospital for the group of engineering provides an important guarantee qualification. Group had constructed First Hospital of Beijing University in Shenzhen, the Shenzhen Chinese Medicine Hospital, Baoxing Hospital and other large-scale hospital decoration and equipment installation projects are currently underway in Shenzhen City, also decorate People's Hospital Surgery Tower and curtain wall installation, Shenzhen Binhai Hospital renovation projects, the construction of the hospital types of engineering field has been impressive, proverbial, I believe the future of the Group's business in this area must have a more rapid development.


Medical Devices License

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