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On August 2, 2009, Shanghai "Baiyulan" (City Quality Engineering) award ceremony was held in Shanghai Friendship Hall, the Shanghai Construction Industry Association officially announced the construction of 2009 Shanghai Magnolia Award list. Shanghai Pudong Software Park 3 J Block headquarters building decoration engineering project, won the 2009 construction of Shanghai Magnolia Award.


"Baiyulan" award has been 17 years of history, is the highest contruction prize in Shanghai. "Baiyulan" award is not only a great honor, it is the symbol and guarantee construction quality.


The Pudong Software Park Group 3 J Block headquarters building renovation works is built by Bauing Contruction Group. The works is covering the 1F-8F's public areas. Pudong Software Park, 3 J Block headquarters in Pudong Software Park Phase III in the landmark building, location and standards of building functions "quasi-class" office building. The total construction area of 30,897 square meters, including underground construction area of 5895 square meters, ground floor area of 25,002 square meters. Basement for the underground garage with air defense, ground to 10 layers. This works for the Pudong Software Park 3 Headquarters building renovation 1F-8F fine decoration area, the construction includes: floor lobby and lounge, sightseeing elevator hall, bathroom, corridor over an area of about 1232 square meters; two-story multi- hall, lobby, sightseeing elevator hall, bathroom, corridor, etc. over an area of about 1702 square meters; three - eight-story tourist elevator hall, bathroom. Our construction floor area of about 4,600 square meters, mainly related to the project room floor, ceiling, wall decorating works, electrical engineering, drainage engineering and so on.

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