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Recently,The secretary of the China Building Decoration Association,curtain wall engineering department, Mr. Song Xiechang visited Bauing Group. The Chairman of Bauing Group, Mr. Gu Shaoming and the President Mr. Xu Ping introduced Bauing Group's history, corporate strategy and business development situation. I n the past 5 years, the achievements of curtain wall business high marks are given, in particular the Secretary-General on the walls of ancient Shao-ming, chairman of the development of business strategies, tactics and ideas to express my sincere appreciation and invited him to the right time to do a peer-related aspects of entrepreneurship forum.


China Building Decoration hundred companies since the launch of the evaluation activities have been building decoration companies, construction owners, project bidding agency and the high degree of trust is widely recognized, has become an annual routine, authoritative evaluation of the activities of the industry, selected hundred enterprises greatly help to enhance the advantage of brand awareness and corporate reputation.

Secretary  Mr. Song Xiechang(Center) and Chairman Gu Shaoming(Right 2nd) photo

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