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On the evening of Mar.19th, Bauing announced its plan to increase share on Hongyang E-Commerce to 20% with capital increment of 108 million. And the held and run by Hongyang E-Commerce is a leading O2O e-business platform in China’s home decoration, building material and home furniture fields.  
“In the past was dominated by the executive side, and we can be its executive side and transform its customers to be Bauing’s. At the same time, Bauing possesses great design strength, and we both sides can help each other through source integration on the platform of” Dang Jianzhong the vice president of Bauing Group introduced.  
Dang also stressed that, traditional decoration enterprises like Bauing shall grasp the opportunity of smart home with the help of internet. “No matter for household appliance enterprises or smart household appliance enterprises, the realization of smart home is based on the process of decoration.” he said.  

Looking forward to 2014, Bauing will make the utmost of its launching, increase investment, speed up industry chain extension. It is convinced that its new technology promotion and application will constantly stimulate the innovation of decoration industry, dip up new needs from building renovation and other inventory decorations, to further expand decoration market. In the future, Bauing will promote extensive development with endogenous growth, solidify endogenous growth with extensive development, to further strengthen its overall property quality, profit ability and anti-risk capacity.  

Analyst held that, Bauing Stock’s public decoration the major business is having a steady-state growth, and its e-commerce profit is gradually forming increment; currently hospitals, metros, airports, entertainment and other market segments are rapidly increasing, which promotes the steady-state growth of leading public decoration enterprises. And it is predicted that the growth will stay about 40%; opening up e-commerce channel in home decoration or some public decoration market is expected to form performance increment and change the original slow growth curve. 



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