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November 17 th , 2014~2015 China Construction Engineering Luban Prize (National Super Quality Prize) Conference was hosted in Beijing. This conference awarded honor certificates, medals and Luban Golden Statuettes to winners. The Convention Center Project of Wuhan International Expo Center and Shanxi Library Project won China Construction Engineering Luban Prize as a construction party.    

Prize plaques  

China Construction Engineering Luban Prize is the highest honor in Chinese building industry. With the aim of “select one batch, promote the whole country”, Luban Prize adheres to a scientific and rigorous assessment system, making the winning projects present the quality of China building projects. Since its establishment, Luban Prize has become the quality management target of wide building enterprises, not only accelerating the quality rising of Chinese building projects, but also obviously uplifting the social reputation and popularity of winning enterprises, creating the upsurge of building high-level and high-quality projects in construction industry. Bauing Group as a large building decoration enterprise in China , has awarded China Construction Engineering Luban Prize for several times, which is the confirmation for Bauing quality presented by Bauing’s classic projects, and the motivation for better project quality.  

Introduction to award-winning projects

1. The Convention Center ofWuhanInternationalExpoCenter 

The Convention Center of Wuhan International Expo Center is located in between the convention area and the hotel area ofWuhanInternationalExpoCenter. It is a building of innovation design, complex structure and high technology. Each exhibition hall is 140-meter long and 72-meter wide, and six halls are connected as a whole with an area of65,000 m 2 , with long span and no column. That is, in such a space with an area of65,000 m 2 and height of over 20 meters, no column is used, which is extremely rare inChina. Besides, this center’s welding error is limited in millimeters. Bauing Group undertook the interior fit-out work and indoor and outdoor signage system of Floor 1 to Floor 5 of the convention center. The project won wide acclaim from the owner and the society with its international stands of design concepts, superb and exquisite craftsmanship. It was awarded China Construction Engineering Decoration Prize (for Public Architectural Decoration), Wuhan Construction Engineering “Yellow Crane” Gold Medal, andHubeiHigh-qualityBuildingDecoration Engineering “Cutian Cup” Prize. 

Convention Center ofWuhanInternationalExpoCenter(I)    

Convention Center ofWuhanInternationalExpoCenter(II)    

Convention Center ofWuhanInternationalExpoCenter(III)    

Convention Center ofWuhanInternationalExpoCenter(IV)

Convention Center ofWuhanInternationalExpoCenter(V)    

Convention Center ofWuhanInternationalExpoCenter(VI)

Convention Center ofWuhanInternationalExpoCenter(VII)    

2.Shanxi Library 

Shanxi Library is situated inCultureIsland, Changfeng Business District,TaiyuanCity. It is of steel reinforced concrete frame structure, with exquisitely designed irregular L-shaped book-mountain appearance. The interior space of the library shows good stereoscopic effects. It is characterized by pleasant, quite and simple design style, perfectly combiningShanxicourtyard building culture and modern architectural concepts. As assessed by experts of Luban Prize Evaluation Group, the library, as a landmark building in full-intelligent sites, among livelihood projects and inShanxiProvince, has reached the first-class building level, with unique engineering modeling, complex structure, good optimization plan, standardized construction management, high quality, exquisite appearance and complete function. It used 10 new building technologies, some key technologies of which have reached domestic leading level. The decoration project of exterior walls of the library is undertaken by Bauing Group. It mainly adopted stone curtain walls and became one of venue curtain walls with the best energy saving performance, environmental protection capability and the best unique design. A Japanese architecture magazine JA once gave special report on this project. 

Shanxi Library (I)    

Shanxi Library (II)    

Shanxi Library (III)    

ShanxiLibrary (IV)

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