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Recently, the Lianhe Zaobao of Singapore has published an exclusive interview with Gu Shaoming, chairman of the board of Bauing Group and president of Indonesia Bauing Construction Ltd. Gu Shaoming said in the interview that he would strive to develop the subordinate overseas enterprises of Bauing Group with the courage to establish the Bauing Group from scratch 20 years ago.

 ▲Exclusive Interview of Lianhe Zaobao

The full text is as follows:

“It took me 20 years to make achievements in the development of Bauing Group. Since this is a second startup in my life, there is no retreat at all. I am deeply convinced that Bauing Group will not only be a listed company in the next five years.”

During the exclusive interview of our newspaper, Gu Shaoming, chairman of the board of Bauing Group starting from the constructional engineering industry and president of Indonesia Bauing Construction Ltd, was full of confidence, and set the above-mentioned goals for himself.

As a contractor of China’s comprehensive building decoration engineering, Shenzhen Bauing Construction Group Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “Bauing Group”) considers the building decoration, the design, construction and installation of intelligent electromechanical devices and steel structure as its main business. Bauing Group was established in 1994, and entered the Chinese capital market at the end of 2013. Nowadays, it has become one of a few listed companies in the building decoration industry in China.

In November 2014, Bauing Group set up the Indonesia Bauing Construction Ltd under the cooperation with Indonesia Sioeng’s Group, and thus officially entered the Southeast Asian market. In last April, Gu Shaoming resolutely resigned from the positions as director, chairman of the board, general manager, and member of the board of directors of Bauing Group, and served as director and president of Indonesia Bauing Construction Ltd.

“I have been engaged in this industry for more than two decades. I used to hold the post of financial manager in a state-owned enterprise within the system. In 1995, Deng Xiaoping called on people to go into business or to start up business. Therefore, I left the original enterprise, and intended to work in a private enterprise at that time.”, said 51-year-old Gu Shaoming.

“However, none of the enterprises employed me within two months after the resignation. As you know, it took great courage for me to stay at home for two months after handing in the resignation.”


Fortunately, Gu Shaoming found partners to acquire the Bauing Group in the next year, and eventually started his career.

Great oaks from little acorns grow. Gu Shaoming said, “It is extremely difficult for the Bauing Group to start from scratch, and to develop from eight people in the past to more than 1,000 people at present. I believe that I am on the right way.”


Nowadays, the registered capital of Bauing Group has been up to 680 million yuan (Renminbi, similarly hereinafter, 150 million SGD). Furthermore, the Bauing Group has been rated as “Top 100 Enterprises in the Building Decoration Industry of China” and “Top 100 Growth Enterprises in the Building Industry of China” for many consecutive years, and has won the honorary title of “Chinese Famous Trademark” as well.

Nowadays, the Indonesia Bauing Construction Ltd has concluded large numbers of engineering contracts in various regions of Indonesia, and the project construction has been in full swing. Since the Bauing Group has actively explored the Southeast Asian market, the Bauing Group had the honor to win the “2015 Successful China Enterprise Entering ASEAN” issued by China-ASEAN Business Council last month.

Gu Shaoming said that since he had the courage to start a business without any backup support in those days, he would also have the same courage to develop the subordinate overseas enterprises of Bauing Group at present. He said that besides the subsidiary in Indonesia, the Bauing Group also planned to develop subsidiaries in the United States, and might go public in Indonesia, the United States, or even Singapore in the next five years.


The Bauing Group’s strategy of exploring the Southeast Asian market also conforms to the “B&R” strategy put forward by Chinese government. In 2013, Chinese president Xi Jinping put forward the strategic conception of building the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st-Century Maritime Silk Road for the first time.

Gu Shaoming said, “The Chinese government suggests achieving mutual development and common prosperity along with the ASEAN countries, and makes great effort to support the Chinese enterprises to go out, including the financial support. Therefore, we also actively respond to the call.”

He said that the Indonesia with the population of 250 million would become the bridge tower for the Bauing Group to enter the Southeast Asia. “I will choose the countries with more population along the silk road economic belt and the 21st-century maritime silk road. After opening the Indonesia market, Singapore and Malaysia will be my next target.”, added Gu Shaoming.

Gu Shaoming said, “The Indonesia Bauing Construction Ltd is mainly involved in the construction of infrastructure, energy saving and environmental protection, smart city, intelligent transportation, etc., and plans on establishing the tax-free industrial park. The project of intelligent, energy-saving and environment-friendly houses built for the Headquarters of the Armed Forces in Indonesia by our company has been partially delivered.”

According to Gu Shaoming’s introduction, the enterprise has been discussing how to use new technology to inlay the materials for solar power generation onto the glass of buildings.

He said, “The buildings must be green, low-carbon along with emission reduction in the future, which is not only energy-efficient, but also has production capacity. Just imagine, each building in the future will be an independent power plant. Despite of bad weather, natural and man-made disasters, the buildings can provide power supply as usual. It is called as distributed generation, which is safe, environment-friendly and pollution free.”

In the aspect of smart city, Gu Shaoming said that the enterprise was inclined to start from medical treatment, energy sources, housing and accommodation, and transportation.

He said, “Why does the intelligent transportation come into my mind? The traffic in Djakarta is heavy, we used to spend at least one hour when going out to have meals. Therefore, I put forward the solution to the local government, and made plans based on the experience of Shenzhen. Thanks to the intelligent transportation, even though the car ownership in Shenzhen ranks second in China, the traffic congestion rarely occurs.”

Gu Shaoming acknowledged that it was inevitable to come across difficulties when Chinese enterprises made foreign investments, such as different living habits and beliefs, language barrier, etc. However, he promised that the enterprise would hire more local people, and would hold more activities for cultural communication, hoping to integrate into local society.

He said, “We held the Chinese painting and calligraphy exhibition earlier, and donated all the money obtained from the auction to the Red Cross, so as to make a meaningful contribution to the local society.”

Gu Shaoming used 16 words to summarize his business concept, which are “conducting himself with integrity, handling affairs rigorously, doing business on mutual benefits, striving for harmonious development”.

He said that the profit is not the primary purpose for the Bauing Group to make investments in Indonesia. “We adhere to the belief to serve local people. There is no doubt that each enterprise needs to make money, we cannot be at a loss. However, we only need to make reasonable profits instead of extravagant profits.”, said Gu Shaoming.

“If you work hard at what you do, your efforts will be rewarded… I believe that we can get along with the local people by means of cultural and educational exchanges. Once we win their recognition, we can handle affairs more conveniently later.”

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