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Lecture Eleven

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Moore’s Law and the Evolution of Integrated Circuit Technology

Keynote speaker: Ma Zuoping, well-known micro-nano scientist, academician of the National Academy of Engineering, foreign academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, professor of the Yale University

Theme: Moore’s Law and the Evolution of Integrated Circuit Technology

During the lecture, academician Ma Zuoping first put forward his own point of view: It is Silicon Era at present, and we are surrounded by a variety of electronic products. In most developed countries, the electronics is the largest and the most rapidly developed industry. IC industry has the highest growth rate, while the foundation of the electronics industry is semiconductor technology. Academician Ma Zuoping led the audiences to review the evolution of integrated circuits over the past 50 years step by step, and believed that the integrated circuits have shown different characteristics from technology to industry along with the Moore’s Law to the limit. The gate dielectric technology of the “complementary metal - oxide semiconductor (referred to as CMOS)” developed by academician Ma Zuoping has been lasted for over 10 years. This semiconductor installed in the computer memory has three major functions including power saving, rapid processing and cost saving. His research achievements are for future similar semiconductors to use less electric energy in the case of high-speed computing. This technology can also be used in daily life such as mobile phones, radios and other home appliances so that the semiconductor crystal is getting smaller and smaller while running faster and faster.

The unipolar CMOS technology developed by academician Ma Zuoping is the landmark breakthrough of the world’s chip technology, and can increase the logic circuit speed by 10 times. Academician Ma Zuoping also believes that China's IC industry has now ushered in a new development opportunity and climax, and China’s high-tech enterprises should re-examine and reposition themselves to maintain strategic strength and to unswervingly develop the integrated circuits.

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