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Lecture One

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Chinese Ritual Culture and Traditional Chanting

Keynote speaker: Wen Huaisha, master of Chinese culture

Theme: Chinese Ritual Culture and Traditional Chanting

Wen Huaisha, whose study name is Yantang, alternative name is Yansou, and pen names are Wang Er and Sikong Wuji, is a well-known master of Chinese culture, Redology, chanting and inscriptions on ancient bronzes and stone tablets, calligrapher and painter, physician of traditional Chinese medicine, and first person of the Study of Chu Ci in New China. At present, he serves as lifelong president of the World Association of Chinese Poetry, honorary president of the College of Liberal Arts, Shanghai University, honorary chairman of the “International Research Center of Tang Culture” of Northwest University, honorary president of the Chinese Poetry, Painting and Calligraphy Research Institute, and honorary president of the   College.

As a teenager, Wen Huaisha was enlightened by Xu Zihua, a talented woman in the Rachel Club. In this early youth, he studied in the Zhang Binglin College. Wen Huaisha considered Guo Moruo as his teacher and friend, and learnt the inscriptions on bones or tortoise shells of the Shang Dynasty from Guo Moruo.

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