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Lecture Six

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Dream of Smart City

Keynote speaker: Dr. Ma Yunlong in the School of Electronic Information Engineering, Tongji University

Theme: Dream of Smart City

During the lecture, Dr. Ma Yunlong took the lead to respectively expound how government and ordinary people as the city manager treat the smart city, and how to treat the smart city from the aspects of big data and cloud computing, through two videos concerning the smart city and issues related to the smart city at the recent APEC meeting. After introducing the concept of the smart city, Dr. Ma Yunlong progressively expounded what is smart city, why to establish the smart city, how to establish the smart city and other issues in succession, based on solid professional theories and informative examples. In addition, he analyzed the current situation of the domestic implementation of the smart city construction and its operating mode as well as the situation of the smart city construction providers, combined with the current situation of domestic smart city construction.

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