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Invited by Chairman Shaoming Gu and Human Resources Department, Best Selling Book author and very successful businessman, Dr. Bill Arnold, delivered a great presentation on Common Sense Success for more than 100 employees of Bauing Group on June 23, 2010.


Dr. Bill Arnold also is a consultant specializing in employee development for Fortune 100 companies. His books include: Common Sense Success: A refresher course on the fundamentals for business and life; The bestseller, Make Them Happy, Make Them Pay: A common sense guide to collecting past due accounts; and Who Cuts Your Hair and Who Serves Your Pancakes: A common sense approach to sharing your faith.


Dr. Bill Arnold's materials are gleaned from decades of personal and professional success. With his companies American Accounts, Kappa Financial, Bill Arnold Associates, and now Common Sense Success he has proven that successful companies invest in developing employees. Dr. Bill Arnold's clients include world giants Microsoft, American Express, Target, Citibank, Shell Oil, and General Electric, to name a few.


Dr. Bill Arnold has traveled to 129 countries and territories, visiting all seven continents. He has presented more than two thousand seminars in nearly a dozen countries, including China, Australia, Chile, India, Italy, Philippines, Guatemala, United States, Canada, and Singapore.


Dr. Bill Arnold’s speech has been very beneficial to Bauing Group employees. The five principles of success from his speech, Dedication, Belief, Control, People Skills, and Courage, have given our employees an important direction to successful business and life.

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