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On the afternoon of March 23, the internationally renowned experts in the field of new energy and new materials Dr. Paul E. Burrows, Dr. Gunnar Westin, and Dr.George Kiriakidis visited Bauing Group accompanied by Mao Sheng, president of Institute of New Energy, Shenzhen. In the meantime, they spoke glowingly of the future development of the field of new energy and new materials, and had a discussionon the cooperation mode of both sides with GuShaoming, chairman of the board of Bauing Group. 

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Dr. Mao Sheng is president of Institute of New Energy, professor and chief of the Clean Energy Engineering Laboratoryof University of California, Berkeley, member of the Semiconductor Lighting Technology Committee of United States Department of Energy, andsemiconductor lighting scientific planning observer of United States Department of Energy. Furthermore, president Mao Sheng is also the key talent introduced during the Shenzhen “Peacock Plan”. As an international scientific research institution, theInstitute of New Energy led by him mainly focuses on providing a brand new scientific research platform for the overseas Chinese scientists, Chinese scientists, and foreign scientists who have devoted themselves to thedevelopment of China’senergy science and technology. The overseas experts in the field of new energy and new materials of the research institute include the top scholars of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, technical experts of United States Department of Energy, former technical officials ofEU Energy Agency, and overseas scholars selected for the “1,000 Talents Plan”. 

Dr. Paul E. Burrows is a renownedexpert in new energy science and technology,former director of the Nano Science and Technology Innovation Department of Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, founding team member of U.S.National Solid-State Lighting Program, and one of the founders of U.S.UDC listed company. He respectively won the Technical Innovation Awardissued by U.S. Federal Laboratories and theEdison Invention Patent Award in 2002 and 1998.

Dr.Gunnar Westinis member of Nobel Prize Selection Committee, renowned European expert in energy materials, professor of Uppsala University, Sweden, and inventor of industrial metal coating technologyprocessed byroll-to-roll chemical method.

Dr. George Kiriakidis is chairman of European Materials Research Society, founder and chief of the Optoelectronic Materials Laboratory of University of Crete, and senior researcher of IESL/FORTH. 

▲  Chairman GuShaoming and Dr. Paul E. Burrows spoke glowingly of the new energydevelopment.   

During the discussion, chairmanGuShaoming introduced the current development situation of Bauing Group to the experts in detail, especially the investment in high-tech industries made by Bauing Group. “Bauing Group stepped into the high-tech industries after becoming a shareholder of the new high-tech enterprise Wuhan Syscan Technology Co., Ltd in 2015. At present, Wuhan Syscan Technology Co., Ltd is in good operatingcondition along withrapid development momentum. In early March this year, Bauing Group became a shareholder of the new high-tech enterprise Shenzhen Innovaconn Systems Co., Ltd, so as to go further into the high-tech industries. As one of the enterprisesincubated by the Institute of New Energy led by president Mao Sheng, Innovaconn has obvious technical advantages in the field of high and new technology. Theinvestment toInnovaconn made by Bauing Group is not only for the strategic cooperation between enterprises, but also for the cooperation between people. The experts in new energy and new materials represented by president Mao Sheng give up the superior conditions overseas, and return to China without any hesitation, so as to support the development of national high-tech industries. Furthermore, Innovaconn introduces the advanced science and technologies as well as top talents from all over the world by establishing platforms, and transforms the scientific and technological achievements by enterprise incubation. The staff members of Bauing Group highly admire Innovaconn since it has devoted itself to promoting the innovation and development of the science and technologies in Shenzhen and even the whole country.”, said chairman GuShaoming.He also said, “It is necessary for Bauing Group to make investments in the high-tech enterprises for transformation and development. In the future, Bauing Group will continue to maintain interest in high-tech enterprises, and we hope to have the opportunity to make deeper cooperation with the Institute of New Energy for new win-win situations.” 

▲ Chairman GuShaoming made a brief introduction of the fact that Bauing Group became a shareholder of the high-tech enterpriseShenzhen Innovaconn Systems Co., Ltd in early March

President Mao Sheng mentioned the tide of transformation from traditional enterprises to scientific and technological enterprisesin the seminar, which has indicated that the development of new energy technologies is completely in line with thedevelopment plans on the national industrial upgrading. It is necessary for the new energy development to fully draw lessons from the Silicon Valley mode, so as to realize the win-win cooperationof capital andtechnology. Dr. Paul E. Burrows said, “The integration of technology and capital will certainlypromote the new energy technology for making more progresses, and will make generous profits for enterprises. The Institute of New Energy hopes to make cooperation with more enterprises, so as to make contributions to the world’s energy research together.” Dr. Gunnar Westin had confidence in the development of new energy all over the world, and said that the enterprises have played a significant role inthe development of new energy. As the scientist who once took part in the research and development of green building decoration materialsin Europe, Dr. George Kiriakidis said, “The green decoration materials are the development trend of decorative materials. We hope to have the opportunity to make in-depth cooperation with Bauing Group in this aspect.” 

▲ Dr. Paul E. Burrowssaid that the integration of science and capital wouldcertainly promote the development of new energy technology and make more progresses.

▲ President Mao Sheng said that the new energy development shallfully draw lessons from the Silicon Valley mode.  

▲ Dr. George Kiriakidis expressed the willingness tomake in-depth cooperation in green building materials with Bauing Group.

▲ Dr. Gunnar Westin said that the enterprises had played a significant role inthe development of new energy.

After the seminar, the experts paid a visit to the office buildings and art gallery of Bauing Group accompanied by the vice president Gu Pu, and had an in-depth discussion on the Bauing cultureand other issues with vice president Gu Pu. 

▲  The experts visited the Bauing art gallery under the guidance of vice president Gu Pu.      

▲ Group Photo [The people from left to right are as follows: Dr. Paul E. Burrows, vice president Gu Pu, Dr. George Kiriakidis, chairman GuShaoming, president Mao Sheng, and Dr. Gunnar Westin]

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