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Dr. Li Daxi is the chairman of Chinese Association for Science and Business, the president director of American CASB Verntures LLC, directors of several listed companies, overseas specially invited representative of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and Provincial CPPCC of Guangdong, government advisor of Jiangsu, Jilin, Guangzhou, Jieyang and other provinces and cities, overseas committee member of All-China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese, and honorary president of Jiangsu Research Institute of America. 

Chinese Association for Science and Business was initiated by Dr. Li Daxi in 1997. It aims to build a bridge between science and business, between China and the world, promote friendly communication between the United States and China, and make contributions to pushing forward the development of China’s high and new technology and the society. The Association’s main members are Chinese overseas students active in various fields such as science and technology, education and finance, and Tsung-Dao Lee served as the advisor of the Association. 

Although living thousands of kilometers away, Dr. Li is still deeply concerned about the development of his motherland and takes part in the state construction in various manners. Since June, 2014, Dr. Li would take time to visit Bauing Group or make a lecture in Bauing Culture Lecture, or often ask the latest development status of Bauing Group, or discuss with senior leadership of Bauing Group and introduce them new technologies and ways of management in his limited time after returning. Each time, Dr. Li would offer advice and suggestions for the development of Bauing Group with his loving care and profound knowledge, and he also became the senior advisor of Bauing Group at the invitation of Gu Shaoming the board chairman of Bauing Group.  

Entering Bauing Culture Lecture, Discussing the Development of Innovation Ability 

On Jun.24th, 2014, the fourth lecture of Bauing Culture Lecture was on. Dr. Li Daxi the chairman of Chinese Association for Science and Business made a lecture in Bauing Culture Lecture.  

The lecture was presided by Gu Pu the vice president of Bauing Group. Zhuang Lixiang the former deputy secretary of Shenzhen Municipal Committee and secretary of Shenzhen Municipal Politics and Law Committee, Hu Lanping the stock supervisor of Bauing Group, Gu Shaobo the president director, Cheng Xiangwen the president, Xu Ping the executive vice president of Bauing Construction Group attended the lecture. Many Fans of Dr. Li came from Hong Kong, Beijing, Guizhou, Nanning, Guangzhou and other cities to see his charisma.  

The lecture is themed on “Science, Art, Innovation Ability”. On the lecture, Dr. Li shared his “three eleven-year’, namely his researches on physics and Wall Street financial industry in America, and experiences and thoughts about pushing forward China’s high tech development and financial reform in recent years. What Dr. Li discovered in decades of discussion is that, combining science with art is an important way to improve innovation ability.  

How to improve innovation? Dr. Li also talked about the importance of maker, which is the major force to improve national innovation ability. Let innovation be your faith. President Obama announced June. 18th was the National Day of Maker of the U.S.A, and the government would help Americans of different backgrounds start business, especially those who were engaging in reviving American manufacturing sector. On this aspect, Dr. Li appealed that China should have its own National Day of Maker, and Shenzhen should also establish its own Day of Making. High-Tech Fair shall have a Maker Hall. Shenzhen shall hold a Maker Competition. Dr. Li held the view that promoting China’s maker movement can improve national innovation ability.  

As an important measure of enterprise cultural construction of Bauing Group, Bauing Culture Lecture was established by Gu Pu the vice president in the end of 2012. Since the founding, adhering to the mission of improving group positive energy, creating enterprise culture brand with Bauing’s characteristics, embodying Art Bauing, Culture Bauing, and creating a communication platform between Bauing staff and notable specialists at home and abroad, it has invited Wen Huaisha the master of Chinese ancient civilization, Ye Xiaowen the secretary of Party Committee and the first vice president of the Central Institute of Socialism, Yang Zhixun the expert of Chinese traditional medicine to deliver lectures. Their lecture laid foundations for the enterprise culture enrichment and development of Bauing Group. 

Dr. Li Daxi in lecture 

The Lecture by Dr. Li in Bauing Culture Lecture meant a lot. In the two-hour lecture, Dr. Li talked about the magic relations between science and art in an impressive way, which left audiences yearning for more. In warm atmosphere, Dr. Li had deep communication and discussions with audiences in 3D printing technology, interdisciplinary and cross-cutting cooperation, China’s economic development, enterprise management, innovation ability, etc.  

The lecture by Dr. Li drew attention from Hong Kong Economic Times, 21st Century Business Report, Securities Times, China Times, Shenzhen Daily and other media and reporters. They also attended the lecture. 

Visit Bauing Group Again, Introduce 3D Printing Technology

On the afternoon of Sep. 29th, Dr. Li Daxi the chairman of Chinese Association for Science and Business took time out from his busy schedule to visit Bauing Group again, and got warm welcome from Gu Shaobo the president director, Cheng Xiangwen the president of Bauing Group.  

It is known that on Jun. 24th Dr. Li was invited to give a lecture in Bauing Culture Lecture. In the lecture, with topic on “Science, Art, Innovation Ability”, Dr. Li shared his discoveries in decades of discussions and researches, and experience and thoughts in his “three eleven-year” in America. Dr. Li’s lecture offered a lot of benefits to fans attracted here by his reputation, and drew attention from Hong Kong Economic Times, 21st Century Business Report, Securities Times, China Times, Shenzhen Daily and other media and reporters. 

This visit is only three months away from the Dr. Li’s last visit in Bauing Culture Lecture. In the short three months, Dr. Li called several times to care about the Group development and encourage to create new highs. In the discussion with Gu Shaobo the president director of Bauing Group, Dr. Li recited events and development achievements that happened recently, and extended his delight and congratulations for the healthy and ordered development of Bauing Group.   

Communication between Dr. Li Daxi and group leaders

In the visit, Dr. Li especially introduced the leaders the performance of “3D printing technology” in architecture application, encouraged Bauing Group to actively explore the combination of “architecture decoration” and “3D printing”, and expressed his intention to serve as the “guide” of Bauing Group in “3D printing technology”.  

It was reported that Dr. Li just led “Chinese Dream”delegation of American Chinese Association for Science and Technology to visit Xinjiang and met Zhang Chunxian the member of the Political Bureau of CPC Central Committee and secretary of the Party Committee of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. The visit to Bauing Group on Jun. 29th was the last station of Dr. Li in China.  

Suggested to Persist in Environmental Protection, Invited to be Senior Advisor 

On the afternoon of Nov. 26th, Dr. Li Daxi the chairman of Chinese Association for Science and Business visited Bauing Group, got warm welcome from Gu Shaoming, the board chairman and Gu Pu the vice president of Bauing Group, and had a heart-to-heart talk with them. It is reported that this has been the third time of Dr. Li visit to Bauing Group since his lecture in Bauing Culture Lecture and the visit in the end of September.  

In the visit, Dr. Li’s words all revealed his concerning about the development of Bauing Group. He not only asked questions as many and detailed as possible, but also expressed his foresights about specific problems and proposed many wise suggestions for the Group development. Dr. Li also stressed that Bauing Group shall persist to the tenet of green enterprise, take people first, flexibly use science and technology, be open mind, and develop new-type environmental protection materials and take the road of sustainable development and contribute to the common good. In the end, at the gracious invitation of Gu Shaoming. Dr. Li readily agreed to be the senior advisor of Bauing Group, to give advice and suggestions for the development of Bauing Group. 

Discussion between Dr. Li Daxi and Gu Shaoming the chairman

On Nov. 25th, Dr. Li attended the Opening Ceremony of International Technology Transfer South Center. Cao Jianlin the vice minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Xu Qin the mayor of Shenzhen and other leaders also attended the ceremony. Dr. Li examined Guangda Cooperation International Technology Center and listened to the reports of Dr. Alan Pauu the president of the Center and vice president of Cornell University, and Chen Wenkai the president. After becoming the senior advisor of Bauing Group, Dr. Li will guide the development of Bauing Group with his experience over the years, helping Bauing fly in a vaster sky. 

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